Parent Programs

At Maggie's Place, we offer a variety of parenting programs and workshops to help parents feel more confident in their parenting ability and to gain support from other parents.

Some of the programs we offer are:

Nobody's Perfect (Colchester & Cumberland) - A ten week parenting program provides support for parents of young children addressing everyday challenges.Topics include: self-esteem, discipline, nutrition, parenting styles and health.

Baby Love (Colchester)

Positive Discipline (Colchester)

Just for Dad (Colchester & Cumberland)

Positive Parenting From 2 Homes (Cumberland) - A 2 night workshop to discuss parenting strategies for children who have parents living in seperate homes.

Parenting for the Love of Kids (Cumberland) - A 6 week program based on parenting expert Barbara Coloroso's philosophy and techniques. Topics inclue: Time-Outs, Logical Consequences, Problem solving, Discipline and Fighting.

Cooking & Gardening Programs

We offer a variety of cooking programs and workshops such as Maggie's Magic Cupboard, Cooking with Crock Pots and Dad's Cooking. We also offer the opportunity to be part of a gardening club, such as Big & Little Sprouts.

Parenting Journey Home Visiting Program

A community-based family support program promoting optimal growth of children and youth through purposeful, goal-based home visitation.
Serving Colchester and Cumberland County families with children ages 3-16 years who are facing a variety of behavioral, social, school and environmental challenges.

Be sure to check our calendars or contact your local Maggie's Place for program availability.