Family Programs

At Maggie's Place, we offer a variety of programs for parents, grandparents and caregivers and children together.

Some of the programs we offer include:

POP-UP: Preschool Outreach Program Utilizing Play - (Offered throughout Cumberland County)

Once Upon A Time (Cumberland)

Baby, Me & Mother Goose (Colchester)        "It’s challenging getting out and meeting people and Maggie’s Place provides a much needed Roots of Empathy (Cumberland) community gathering space."

Drop in Playgroups (Both Centres) "I seriously looked forward to every Wednesday &                                                                             sometimes counted down the days until I could go Friday Morning Fun times to playgroup! It was the one time a week I was                                                                           guaranteed “an outlet”. My child could socialize , I Together WE Can Days could socialize, I could bounce issues off other parents & the staff. I could make mom friends. Me and My Dad Days As a new mom this program was a life saver!

Cumberland County Playgroups Colchester County Playgroups

Be sure to check our calendar or contact your local Maggie's Place for program availability.